What to Expect at TheFitExpo

If you’re about to attend your first fit expo, get excited! It’s a blast! Many people have some common questions before attending their first expo, so we’re here to answer them!

Planning Your Trip

First thing’s first, you have to plan your trip. If you’re from out of town, check out thefitexpo.com for a  discount on local hotels for a limited time. Before you go, be sure to check out our website to make a list of the celebrities and companies that you want to see! Also be sure to check out our schedule of events. This way you won’t miss out on what’s important to you! Again, all of this information can be found at thefitexpo.com . If you’re planning on competing in any of the competitions that are offered such as powerlifting, bodybuilding, Max Reps,etc., check our website to see how to sign up!

What to Bring

Here are some general guidelines to follow when planning what to bring to a fit expo. First off, if you bought a presale ticket, don’t forget it! Also bring a backpack! You will leave will all sorts of free samples and giveaways. While you’ll likely score a free bag or two as well, you may start getting samples long before you get a bag! You might just leave with too much free stuff to fit in one bag! You may want to toss a few things into this backpack such as a portable phone charger and extra cash. Food and drinks are not allowed in the expo so this cash will come in handy when it’s time for lunch. If you bring a jacket, you’ll probably end up throwing it in your backpack later on because it can get warm in the expo! Strollers are allowed, so bring the whole family and check out our kid zone! Be sure to show up looking good in your favorite fitness gear, because you may be featured in future posts by TheFitExpo!


Parking is first come, first served so be sure to arrive early! Once parked, enter the convention center. Inside, there are two separate lines for pre-sale tickets and those buying tickets at the door. If you have a pre-sale ticket you’re all set to get in line! If you’re planning on buying tickets at the door head on over to the ticket booth. Please note that only cash is accepted at the ticket booth! If you did happen to forget cash, ATMs are provided in the front of the expo hall. After buying your ticket, get in line to enter! Doors will open promptly at 10:00 a.m., but know that lines are long! With everyone rushing to be first in line for their favorite booth, you’ll want to be in the front. Again, I suggest getting there early!

What to Expect in the Expo

Now it’s time to have some fun! The expo will fill up quick, so be sure to head to your favorite booths first! All of the fitness celebrities are happy to interact with fans and pose for pictures, however, so lines are worth the wait. With free pre-workout samples everywhere, be sure to keep an eye on your caffeine consumption or you’ll end up as jittery as I was at the last expo. Don’t skip lunch either, as I can tell you from personal experience that this will make the jitters much worse. After grabbing some food from a concession stand, be sure to check out the many exciting fitness competitions going on at the expo! They’re always worth watching. If you feel like working out, check out the group training zone for all types of fun workout classes. Or, if you’re looking for healthy recipes to try at home, the healthy living pavilion will be showcasing healthy products and recipes throughout the day. You’ll be able to purchase fitness gear, supplements, apparel, and much more from the wide array of exhibitors so be prepared to shop! The expo is very kid-friendly, featuring a must-see kid’s zone that your children will love. Above all else, expect to a fantastic time for the whole family!

What Not to do

As stated above, food and drinks are not allowed in the expo. People who are not exhibitors are also not allowed to pass out promotional materials. Other than that, make sure not to forget any of the items listed above and prepare to have a great time!

After TheFitExpo

After the expo is over be sure to post a picture of everything you got, for a chance to be featured on our social media!


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